SEAWUN Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking (CIB)

The South East Asian Water Utilities Network launched its benchmarking program in 2004-2005 to help improve the performance of its member utilities. One of the major outputs of this first phase was the SEAWUN Data Book of Southeast Asian Water Utilities. In 2006-2007, SEAWUN worked on the second phase of its benchmarking program, which involves not just the expansion of participating utilities but also the pilot testing of process benchmarking through peer review. It involved updating of the water utilities data book, formulating an incentive and awards mechanism for water utilities, and establishing a “Health Check” program. This workshop, supported under ADB’s Water Operators Partnership (WOP) Program, marks the beginning of the third phase of SEAWUN benchmarking program that aims to foster a change program. Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking (CIB) combines two powerful techniques to achieve change—continuous improvement and benchmarking.

SEAWUN Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking (CIB) Workshop
18-22 February 2008; Bangkok, Thailand