SAWUN Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking (CIB)

In Asia, some of the ongoing programs in water utilities benchmarking are the benchmarking of water utilities in India and the ongoing second phase of the South East Asian Water Utilities Network’s (SEAWUN) benchmarking program. Another regional network of water utilities, the recently launched South Asian Water Utilities Network (SAWUN), is about to embark on its own benchmarking program. SAWUN’s vision is to measurably improve the delivery of water supply and sanitation services in the region. In July 2007, it finalized and approved its two-year business plan, which focuses on 3 themes—nonrevenue water, tariff setting, and connecting the urban poor. Among the key activities under the business plan is the conduct of a “benchmarking and continuous improvement program” for its members. This workshop introduced SAWUN member utilities to performance benchmarking as applied to one of SAWUN’s 3 themes: nonrevenue water. It helped participating water utilities to -- Understand the performance benchmarking process; Identify common key performance indicators; Generate and compare solutions to major performance challenges; Recommend a range of activities to improve specific aspects of the utilities’ operations.

SAWUN Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking (CIB) Workshop
19-23 November 2007, Mumbai, India