NEPAL: West Seti Hydroelectric Project (WSHP)

West Seti Hydroelectric Project (WSHP) involves the construction and operation of 750-MW hydroelectric power plant on Seti river in far western region of Nepal on BOOT basis for 30 years. Project sponsor is Australian-based Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC); West Seti Hydro Limited (WSHL) is 100% subsidiary of SMEC. Construction will be by China Machinery & Equipment Import and Export Corporation under lump sum price turnkey contract signed in April 2005; construction period is for 5 years. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) joined the project consortium in 2006 with the intention of becoming a provider of equity, debt financing and guarantees.  ADB is set to approve in Dec 2010 a loan package of US$45M (public sector component), and private sector component of $48M – equity investment; $68.5M – political risk guarantee; $50M – loan.  In Nov 2009, Chinese EximBank entered Nepal ’s hydropower sector for the first time. (Loan approval by ADB’s Board had been repeatedly delayed over the past 3 years.)
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