National Union of Electricity Employees opposes privatisation of electricity

Northern Electricity Workers Decry Treatment of Consumers
20 June 2010
Electricity workers in the North have decried what they call the lopsided development of the power sector in the country at the expense of northern consumers.
They also spoke against the privatization of electricity in the country saying that the unit price would be too high for consumers when privatized.
Northern leaders of the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) in a statement by the two vice presidents of the union in the Northwest and Northeast Comrades Sikamta Ali and Isa Abegye respectively along with the Assistant General Secretary (Northwest), Comrade Moses Amedu said "all the new power stations being built such as Papalanto, Olorunsogo, Trans- Amadi Ibom, Omotosho, and Afam Six among others are concentrated in the South-south and Southwest and more are still being developed in the region.
"Meanwhile, the Zungeru, Mambilla and Dandin Kowa in the north that have been on the pipeline since 1983 are yet to see the light of the day.

"Now that the Federal Government is interested in privatizing electricity along regional line which amounts to another form os resource control, the north is placed at serious disadvantage.
"Take a look at NITEL, Daily Times newspaper, Durba Hotel, Nigeria Airways and Delta Steel Company that were privatized; there conditions are today worse than when they were being run by the government.
"The various committees on power are constituted with people who have conflict of interests; some of them were issued licenses to establish power stations and for five years could not provide one megawatt, but are waiting to buy the existing ones at auction price.
"What do you expect; they will serve themselves at the expense of the nation.