MCWD-City West Water twinning

Results of the ADB-funded twinning program between Metro Cebu Water District / Philippines (the 'recipient' twin) and City West Water / Australia (the 'expert' twin): 
(1) NRW reduction -- The earlier agreed target of NRW reduction was achieved in a pilot District Metered Area (DMA) of the recipient twin (MCWD). MCWD’s NRW  was reduced to 12% in January 2009 from 39% in September 2008. Significant resources, however, were used on the NRW project such that it was no longer feasible to duplicate the methodology used across the remaining DMAs. The expert twin then recommended as alternative solution that MCWD review and improve its leak detection equipment.
(2)  Outsourcing --  MCWD had been considering to outsource some functions; the expert twin offered advice that MCWD should first assess the benefits and risks involved, what functions could be outsourced, and what needs to be in place before outsourcing occurs.
(3) Created good working relationship between the 'twins' beyond the original work program to include the transfer of knowledge on a broad range of water utility matters (e.g., business planning, organizational structure, training and development).