Key Indicators for Performance Benchmarking

Questionnaire survey being developed by PSIRU, partly based on NWRB’s Water Utilities Questionnaire and IBNET.  The water utility profile should also include ownership structure, management model and unions/employees association aside from the name of water utility, basic information and contact address.  PART I-III provide key indicators for the performance and quality of water services provided by selected water utilities (public or private).  These benchmark indicators also provide the basis for cross-utility and cross-country comparisons, as well as for developing PUPs with participation from workers’ unions/associations.  PART IV identifies the types of privatization or PSP already existing in the water service (if any) and the effects on workers’ rights and welfare (if any).  PART V provides information on management strategies of the water utility, including human resources management.  PART VI focuses on how the utility is being managed in terms of transparency, accountability and participation (TAP).  PART VII determines compliance of the water utility/service provider to core labor standards and related labor laws, rules and regulations. Suggested indicators on T-A-P (good governance) includes:  (a) Transparency - Information available to public; Timely reporting; Public information/ communication strategies;  (b)  Accountability – Board/management structure; Defined managerial autonomy and accountability; Who appoints management; What decisions and how are management held accountable; Defined criteria for incentives system to management/employees; Grievance/complaints mechanism. (c)  Participation – Civil society representation at Board; Mechanisms for public consultation; Public hearings conducted by regulatory authority.

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