Indonesian health workers campaign

Indonesian nurses threaten nationwide rallies
(May 2008) Nurses across the country are pushing for the government and the House of Representatives to speed up deliberation of the Nursing Practice Bill, which will recognize the profession as a main component of the national health system. The Indonesia Nurses Association (PPNI) said that nurses are an essential component of the health care system in Indonesia, in total they are nearly 500,000 and equal 60% of total health care workers in Indonesia. The terms of the nurses’ rights and duties are not clear under the current Health Ministry Decree No. 1239/2001. The draft bill was submitted to the House in 2005 and has since been revised 20 times. The purpose of the bill is to clarify the rights and duties of nurses, it would be Indonesia’s first national standard for nurses that defines nurses as professionals and ensures excellence in nursing services. Quality patient care begins with quality jobs for nurses. Nurses have a right to secure jobs that provide wages and benefits commensurate with their education, experience and responsibilities. The association will organise the nationwide rallies if the government and House of Representatives does not endorse the bill soon.