Indian muncipal workers campaign

India: Tamilnadu municipal employees hold hunger strike demonstration
(2009) Two federations, affiliates of National Organisation of Government Employees (NOGE), namely: Federation of Tamilnadu Municipal Employees Association and Federation of Tamilnadu Municipal Corporation Employees Association, held a hunger strike demonstration on 13 February 2009 at Chennai, India. Around 3,500 delegates participated in the hunger strike from all over Tamilnadu including the health workers.  This hunger strike was used to put forward their seven-point demands:

  1. Municipal employees need to be declared as government employees;
  2. Consultation with unions by the norms committee after its recommendation for the reduction of staff strength;
  3. 1996 services rules are affecting the employees and hence should  be scrapped;
  4. House tax limitation rules should be scrapped to increase the income of the corporations;
  5. The election commission that provides new posts to the revenue departments should also do so for the corporations;
  6. Corporation officers to be appointed from the corporation employees and not from outsiders;
  7. The associations did not get any response from the director of municipal administration, this means industrial relations are not cordial and this situation to be changed. 

In response to the demands and the strike, the Secretary to Government of Tamilnadu in the Municipal administration and water supply has instructed to the director of municipal administration to look into these demands. The federations will be waiting till 1 March 2009 for further demonstrations on these issues.