Comparative mapping of production processes

“COMPARATIVE MAPPING OF PRODUCTION PROCESSES - Workers’ Knowledge as an Instrument of Union Action” is TIE-Brasil’s publication qualified for discussions in groups at the seminars of workers and union activists. TIE is an international network of workers and union activists. Its goal is to promote information and experience exchange between workers, unionists, groups of workers and similar organizations, promoting debates about union strategy and actions, focusing creation of alternatives that can permit social-economic transformations.
Comparative Mapping consists of the different elements that seek to learn reality in constant mutation through the comparative analysis of working places and of the production process from the point of view of the Worker’s interests, taking in consideration:• number of workers occupied and needed per operation at the each enterprise.• work load and speed of work• ways of organization and management of productionThere are three elements elaborated out of the concrete experiences of workers. When applied together, they bring extremely favorable conditions for strengthening of Worker’s Organization of its fighting power.

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