CASCWUA Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking

Central Asia and South Caucasus Water Utilities Association (CASCWUA) is a new organization of water utilities committed to improving its members' performance in the delivery of water services. These utilities are taking progressive action to tackle the widespread problems with inadequate drinking water and sanitation for the millions of poor people in the region. As an initial undertaking, CASCWUA is embarking on a benchmarking and continuous improvement program that aims to improve the key performance indicators of its member utilities. Said program will enable the water utilities to gauge their current performance levels, identify the interventions needed to improve those levels, and undertake small but steady steps towards making the necessary changes. This workshop, supported under ADB’s Water Operators Partnership (WOP) Program, is similar to the workshops undertaken by two other water utilities networks—the South Asian Water Utilities Network (SAWUN) and the Southeast Asia Water Utilities Network (SEAWUN). Parallel to this workshop, the CASCWUA Steering Committee met to discuss CASCWUA business and work plans.

CASCWUA Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking (CIB) Workshop
22-28 March 2008; Tashkent, Uzbekistan