Benchmarking of Water Utilities using NWRB Template

MS BELEN JUAREZ describes  NWRB’s benchmarking system and the use of NWRB’s Water Utilities Questionnaire (WUQ) template.  Benchmarking is collecting and comparing performance indicators of similar water service providers. It involves technical, financial & management data collected & published annually.  Technical data includes service area coverage, supply availability, UFW (unaccounted-for-water), CAPEX/connection and production/consumption rates.  Financial and management indicators include staffing ratio, operating ratio, collection period & efficiency, average tariff and connection fees. Benchmarking can be used by a water utility to identify areas for improvement, adopt realistic targets and to convince authorities of the need for change. NWRB’s benchmarking system can be accessed by government agencies, regulators, civil society & NGOs, customers or consumers, private investors and lenders and water utility managers & staff.  NWRB maintains the database; its ‘nodes’ are LWUA for water districts and DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) for LGU-run water utilities.  To fill up the WUQ, the following documents are needed: audited financial statements, production reports, distribution reports, commercial reports, tariff structure and personnel reports.  Validation usually takes place during data entry into the WUQ, physical inspection of data and uploading. 

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