ADB-TA: Governance in Pensions Industry

The overall goal of the TA is to support capacity building in the pensions industries of DMCs. The focus of the TA is the development of best governance and sustainable investment practices in the pensions industry of DMCs, with the goal of optimizing investment performance and standards of fiduciary responsibility. The TA is structured to cover five DMCs that face some of the greatest challenges in the region: PRC and India by virtue of the size of their elderly populations; and Indonesia, Philippines, and Viet Nam—representing DMCs that have made very little progress to date toward reform of their pensions systems.In all these countries, pensions policy is at an early stage of development and there is a lack of sophistication among practitioners. Pension fund regulators, trustees, and officers in these countries would greatly benefit from information about developments in the global pensions industry, including sustainable investment practices and governance standards, which may have an impact on their ability to meet fiduciary responsibilities and maximize long-term income generation.

Capacity Building for Sustainable Investment and Governance in Pensions Industry
ADB Technical Assistance Report, March 2007

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