Comparative mapping of production processes

“COMPARATIVE MAPPING OF PRODUCTION PROCESSES - Workers’ Knowledge as an Instrument of Union Action” is TIE-Brasil’s publication qualified for discussions in groups at the seminars of workers and union activists. TIE is an international network of workers and union activists. Its goal is to promote information and experience exchange between workers, unionists, groups of workers and similar organizations, promoting debates about union strategy and actions, focusing creation of alternatives that can permit social-economic transformations.

ADB’s Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF)

WFPF was established in Dec 2006 to support implementation of Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Water Financing Program launched in March 2006. WFPF is an important resource for funding ‘pilot and demonstration projects’, ‘knowledge products development’. Impact indicators: (i) how the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets for water supply and sanitation are being met, (ii) decrease in the incidence of water-related death and diseases, and (iii) increase in the number of countries implementing integrated water resources management (IWRM).

Indonesia energy (in)security

Ppt by Fabby Tumiwa, Institute for Essential Services Reform, presented at "Regional Workshop on Energy and Non-Traditional Security", RSIS’s Center for Non Tradition Security Studies, Singapore, 28 – 29 August 2008.
- Indonesia faces big challenges to ensure energy security from the supply and demand side.
- Review of situation of energy provision for a decade suggested that Indonesia is in situation of energy crisis that has dire consequences to the economy.

GSD: The coming capitalist consensus

By Walden Bello, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 12/30/2008 - Not surprisingly, the swift unraveling of the global economy combined with the ascent to the US presidency of an African-American liberal has left millions anticipating that the world is on the threshold of a new era. Some of President-elect Barack Obama’s new appointees — in particular ex-Treasury Secretary Larry Summers to lead the National Economic Council, New York Federal Reserve Board chief Tim Geithner to head Treasury, and former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk to serve as trade representative — have certainly elicited some skepticism.

Hungary terminates power purchase agreements with private generators

Global Insight October 10, 2008
Hungarian Parliament Considers Bill to End Long-Term Power Contracts; Trading in MOL Shares Suspended

Madya Pradesh Power (India): Key Union issues

Madya Pradesh Power Sector Reforms: Key union Issues – A quick review, by Vinay Pandey, MP State Electricity Employees & Engineers Coordination Committee, 3 Dec 2008. Presented to ADB-South Asia Department, Manila, Philippines.

Tunisie: Signature d'un accord de financement entre la Tunisie et la BID

Tunisia Online News

Tunisie: Signature d'un accord de financement entre la Tunisie et la BID

14 Novembre 2008

Tunis — La Tunisie et la Banque islamique de développement (BID) ont signé, vendredi, un accord de financement d'un montant de 215 millions de dinars pour la réalisation de deux centrales électriques à Fériana, dans le gouvernorat de Kasserine, et à Thyna, dans le gouvernorat de Sfax.

Amélioration du taux d'électrification et de la desserte en eau potable

La Presse.tn

Tunisie: Qualité de la vie - Amélioration du taux d'électrification

Fatma Zaghouani
30 Avril 2008

Grâce aux différents programmes régionaux, le secteur de l'électrification a connu une mutation qualitative, ce qui a contribué à améliorer les conditions de vie de la population kairouannaise et a permis de développer les activités agricoles et les petits métiers.

La STEG au Rwanda

July 8, 2008 Tuesday


LENGTH: 52 words
According to online press (July 7, 2008), "STEG International Services", a subsidiary of the Tunisian national electricity and gas company STEG, is planning to build an electricity generation project in Rwanda. The project, which is financed by the World Bank, will supply electrical power to 4,000 houses in Rwanda.

LOAD-DATE: July 8, 2008


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La Banque Africaine de développement finance un projet dans le secteur de l'électricité

Qatar News Agency

December 13, 2008 Saturday 8:47 AM EST

AfDB Loan to Finance Water Sector Project in Tunisia

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Tunis, December 13 (QNA) - The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group Board of Directors has approved a 22.91-million Euro loan to finance phase two of Tunisia's Water Sector Investment Project (PISEAU II).
PISEAU II is a component of the Tunisian Water Mobilization and Management Strategy 2002-2011, and a follow up to PISEAU I which lasted from 2002 to 2007, a AfDB statement said.

L'OPEP contribue à l'alimentation en eau potable de Nouakchott

Xinhua News Agency - French

6 novembre 2008 jeudi 3:54 PM EST

L'OPEP contribue à l'alimentation en eau potable de Nouakchott


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Le Fonds de l'Organisation des pays exportateurs du pétrole (OPEP) a accordé une subvention financière de 8,4 millions de dollars au projet "Aftout Essahili" d'alimentation en eau potable de la capitale mauritanienne de Nouakchott, a-t-on appris de source officielle.

Un fonds arabe accorde un prêt de plus de 51 millions de dollars à la Mauritanie

Xinhua News Agency - French

16 janvier 2008 mercredi 12:30 AM EST

Un fonds arabe accorde un prêt de plus de 51 millions de dollars à la Mauritanie

LONGUEUR: 298 mots


Le Fonds arabe pour le Développement économique et social (FADES) vient d'accorder à la Mauritanie un financement de 51,2 millions de dollars destiné au projet d'urgence pour l'approvisionnement de Nouakchott en eau potable et en électricité, apprend-on mercredi de source officielle.

Maroc: L'ONEP consacre plus de 32 milliards de DH d'investissements


Maroc: L'ONEP consacre plus de 32 milliards de DH d'investissements


17 Mai 2008

Fréquents délestages à Maurice


Ile Maurice: Sombrer dans le noir ?


31 Mars 2008

Port Louis — Délestage. C'est un terme dont beaucoup ignorent encore la signification mais qui pourrait bientôt rentrer dans le vocabulaire courant des Mauriciens. Il désigne des coupures volontaires d'électricité pour des périodes assez courtes affectant, tour à tour, toutes les régions. Ce procédé est utilisé quand la quantité d'énergie produite est inférieure à la consommation. Il existe des indications que Maurice serait confrontée à une telle situation à l'horizon 2010.

Document sur le secteur de l'eau à Maurice

Africa News

July 16, 2008 Wednesday

Water - Waste Not, Want Not

BYLINE: Inter Press Service

LENGTH: 967 words

The 1.2 million-strong population of Mauritius presently enjoys plentiful piped potable water from the 2000 mm average annual rainfall that falls over the island annually. But large amounts of water are wasted, and with growing demand from new development, the island's water security may come under pressure in the near future.

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