BWTUC experiences on ADB projects

BWI work organizing construction workers in an ADB-assisted railway rehabilitation project in Cambodia.  Conclusions:
•During negotiations and organising work it became obvious that there was not enough time or effort taken by the ADB, the government or the project engineer to adequately forecast and monitor labour costs or variances of these

India power sector reforms: Gains vis-a-vis Losses

In India Power Sector Reforms begins in ninetees in the name of Liberalization, Privatizatin and Globalization. Electricity sector in Orrisa, Delhi & Mumbai were unbundled into various companies on PPP pattern. Government of India planned to privatize the SEBs in aphased manner, however, failure of Enron in Mumbai proved to be a big set-back so as BSES in Orrisa & Delhi and consequently no other state of India has been privatized. However, recently, Bihar electricity has moved its steps towards privatization.

More fun in the Philippines without ADB

Info on union (AGWWAS) harassment due to opposition to proposed ADB water loan to Metro Cebu Water District in Philippines, with media coverage of union actions. (March 2012)

ADB’s Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project – Philippines: AGWWAS’ perspective

AGWWAS union issues on proposed ADB water supply project in Philippines, presented to ADB on 30 April 2012, at ADB Headquarters, Manila, and ADB response (9 May 2012)


Presented by Bro Wowot Suwoto (PJB union) at "Forum on Power Privatization in Asia-Pacific" organized by NAGKAISA, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines and SASK, Manil, Philippines, May 3, 2012 

PSI unions' issues re Java-Bali 500 KV Power Transmission Crossing (ADB Project in Indonesia)

Submitted to Asian Development Bank on 26 July 2012
- includes procedural, technical, operational, safety, cultural, alterbatives, impacts on workers

Report on Nepal's Energy sector

Prepared by Union of Public Sevrices in Nepal (UPSIN), presented at PSI South Asia Trade Union Forium on ADB Energy Policy, New Delhi, India, Nov 2010

Public sector reforms in Asia

Contains: PSI’s position on public sector reforms (New Public Management; Privatisation, PPP, PFIs; Outsourcing or contracting out; Cost-cutting budget constraints; Performance pay and performance management); Other modes of PSR (Decentralization; Separation of Policymaking and Service Delivery; Emergence of e-government; Job losses, austerity measures due to global economic crisis); World Bank review of PSR; Reasserting the public in public services;  ADB-supported PSR in power, water, health, education sectors; Union actions in PSR

UK unions critique of government cuts

As the UK government proposes heavy spending cuts,unions and others are responding with critiques on the impact of these policies and advancing alternatives.   The largest public sector union, Unison, and the TUC have published an analysis of the government's budget proposals. This goes beyond the impact of tax and benefit changes, and shows how the cuts in services affect the poorest households most.  

Malaysian govt gets stay on water concession disclosure

The Edge Friday, 02 July 2010 14:39 Malaysia
Govt gets stay on water concession disclosure

Prospects for Trade Union Revitalization in the Public Sector: Bolivia and Peru

The privatization of public water utilities has been one of the most controversial aspects of neoliberal restructuring in the late 20th century. Powerful social movements that aim to protect water from corporate control have emerged across the planet, particularly in the global South. Since water privatization affects people from all walks of life many protests have been organized by broad-scale social movement coalitions which have included labour, environmental, consumer, social justice and indigenous groups.

Thai health workers campaign

Thailand health workers threaten strike
The Nation, January 19, 2009 www.nationmultimedia.com/2009/01/19/national/national_30093535.php

Indian muncipal workers campaign

India: Tamilnadu municipal employees hold hunger strike demonstration

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