Groups issues relating to labour eg unions, pay, strikes

Trade Union Rights in India - In Law and Practice

Includes status of CLS ratification, relevant national labor laws, areas of concern and trade union actions (PSI, 2012)

'Power 101' training by NAGKAISA labor coalition (Philippines, Seo 2012)

Resource / education materials used in "Power 101' trainings for trade union leadrts organized by NAGKAISA (Solidarity) coalition in September 2012 in Luzon, Visayas and Luzon, Philippines:

NAGKAISA Laban sa EPIRA (United against EPIRA law)

Wilson Fortaleza, September 2012

PSI Subregional Trade Union Forum on ADB Energy Policy & Projects (Nov 2010, Delhi)

  The PSI Subregional Trade Union Forum on ADB Energy Policy and Projects (Nov 20-21, 2010) aims to provide a forum for PSI electricity unions to exchange information about their campaigns related to ADB/IFI-supported power sector reforms and initiate a subregional campaign platform.  A total of 21 participants (4F, 17M) attended the workshop.

Impact of public sector reforms on public sector workers

This paper presents some initial findings from a survey of public sector workers, in a number of countries in Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia, and how they have been affected by policies of liberalisation in relation to wages, working conditions and other forms of socio-economic security.  This survey was a joint initiative between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Public Services International (PSI), an international trade union.  The aim of the survey was to explore three themes: workers’ socio-economic security; quality and accessibilit

Implications of Migration for Gender and Care Regimes in the South

Eleonore Kofman, Parvati Raghuram (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, July 2009):

ADB: Asia must promote employment, support those without decent jobs

30 Sep 2009 - Creating the conditions for good jobs and, more importantly, social protection programs for those unable to find decent work is an urgent priority for governments in Asia and the Pacific, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Vice-President Ursula Schaefer-Preuss told a conference in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, today.

Comparative mapping of production processes

“COMPARATIVE MAPPING OF PRODUCTION PROCESSES - Workers’ Knowledge as an Instrument of Union Action” is TIE-Brasil’s publication qualified for discussions in groups at the seminars of workers and union activists. TIE is an international network of workers and union activists. Its goal is to promote information and experience exchange between workers, unionists, groups of workers and similar organizations, promoting debates about union strategy and actions, focusing creation of alternatives that can permit social-economic transformations.

Madya Pradesh Power (India): Key Union issues

Madya Pradesh Power Sector Reforms: Key union Issues – A quick review, by Vinay Pandey, MP State Electricity Employees & Engineers Coordination Committee, 3 Dec 2008. Presented to ADB-South Asia Department, Manila, Philippines.

Tensions avec les employés de la JIRAMA

L'Express de Madagascar (Antananarivo)

Madagascar: Un foyer de tension à la Jirama - Démonstration de force des employés

Mahefa Rakotomalala

26 Février 2009

Lors d'une conférence de presse hier au restaurant Planète à Ambohijatovo, des délégués du personnel ont annoncé leur intention d'organiser un vaste sit-in au bureau de la société à Soanierana. Tous les bureaux et agences de la Jirama à Antananarivo seront fermés aujourd'hui. Ils réclament le départ des dirigeants étrangers à la tête de cette société d'État.

Grève du personnel de la JIRAMA

Madagascar: Grève de la Jirama - Une solidarité à l'ordre du jour

Navalona R.

28 Mai 2008

Plus de 50 000 compteurs n'ont pas encore été relevés

« Nous allons montrer notre solidarité ! ». Randriamanana Rabarinirina, président des délégués du personnel de la Jirama à Antananarivo, l'a déclaré lors d'une conférence de presse hier à Antanimena. En effet, tous les employés au sein des autres directions renforceront la grève entamée par les agents technico-commerciaux qu'ils jugent légale.

Township strikes increase pressure on Zuma

Tens of thousands of South African bus drivers, refuse collectors and other municipal workers will stop work on Monday, disrupting services in already turbulent black townships.

PSI Asia-Pacific Electricity Forum (May 2009)

Public Services International (PSI) Asia Pacific Regional office hosted a Forum on ‘Electricity Reforms in Indonesia and Asia Pacific: Role of ADB/IFIs’ at Novotel Nusa Dua Hotel, Bali, Indonesia on the 2nd May 2009. Participants representing PSI electricity unions from Asia-Pacific joined the forum. Speakers from Philippines, Bangladesh, India & Indonesia shared their experiences on the impact of the reforms in the electricity sector vis-à-vis the role of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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