Social care

An Approach to Pension Reform

Pensions are an important issue for societies as a whole and for employees, particularly public sector employees. Pension reform is on the agenda in many of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region as they struggle with changing demographics, changing economic circumstances and changing societal expectations. The Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have an interest in pension reform and have had a number of projects dealing with the issue. In addition, governments are looking at reform as a consequence of the pressures they face. The pensions paid to public sector workers are invariably an important consideration in the reform agenda, partly because of the perceived advantage they hold over their private and informal sector equivalents, but also because of questions that have arisen about the sustainability of many public sector pensions. It is therefore appropriate that the PSI Asia-Pacific region develops an approach to pension reform that enables them to support affiliates who are going though the reform process.

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