Thai health workers campaign

Thailand health workers threaten strike
The Nation, January 19, 2009

KHMU battle health commercialisation and bargaining

(2007)  This year, the Korean Health & Medical Workers' Union (KHMU) has faced critical struggles on two fronts. The first struggle is to stop the retrogressive revision of a medical law aiming at commercializing the health sector. Another one is to amicably conclude the 2007 national bargaining.

Fiji nursing union campaign

March 22, 2007

Health sector reforms in South Asia

The experience of health sector reform in South Asia presents certain common trends but also variations in terms of the political economy and health services development in the four countries (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India).

Decentralisation in Asian health sectors: friend or foe?

Lessons drawn from Asian countries' healthcare decentralization - This policy brief examines whether or not healthcare decentralisation in Asia has been successful. The report draws on examples from China, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. The brief highlights several lessons learned from the decentralisation programmes of these countries, including:

Mongolia: Health system review

Review of the Mongolian health system and reforms since its transition - This report, published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, describes the Mongolian health system and the reforms and policy initiatives in progress. It covers issues including financing, planning and regulation, physical and human resources, provision of services, and principal health care reforms.

Innovative International Financing for Health Systems

The Taskforce will report to the G8 in July 2009. Prior to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2009, the Taskforce will conduct further consultations and facilitate the preparation of implementation plans for the recommended innovative financing mechanisms with relevant stakeholders. A regular forum will be facilitated by WHO and the World Bank to allow countries and partners, including civil society, to monitor progress.  Recommendations –

Implications of Migration for Gender and Care Regimes in the South

Eleonore Kofman, Parvati Raghuram (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, July 2009):

International migration and global union: Filipino nurses and care workers

Public Services International Japan Council (PSI-JC) and Union Network International Japan Council (UNI-JC) organised a joint workshop on 25th June 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. In this workshop, both global unions and its affiliates discussed and examined the current situation of international migration of Filipino nurses and care workers in Japan who are working under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). Japan is badly in need of nurses, assistant nurses and care workers to work in health facilities.

Gender Equality in Health Sector

Gender Equality in the Health Sector – Southeast Asia
By Ian Mariano / PSI, Presented at PSI-APRO Regional Workshop on QPS, Dec 2008

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