Chinese banks

IFC finances China investment in Africa

In April 2010, the International Financial Corporation (IFC), the World Bank’s private sector arm, agreed to finance Chinese investment in a Tanzanian commercial complex in Dar es Salaam.

NEPAL: West Seti Hydroelectric Project (WSHP)

West Seti Hydroelectric Project (WSHP) involves the construction and operation of 750-MW hydroelectric power plant on Seti river in far western region of Nepal on BOOT basis for 30 years. Project sponsor is Australian-based Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC); West Seti Hydro Limited (WSHL) is 100% subsidiary of SMEC. Construction will be by China Machinery & Equipment Import and Export Corporation under lump sum price turnkey contract signed in April 2005; construction period is for 5 years.

Indonesia: Chinese financing in PLN's 'fast-track' program

In July 2009, PLN announced it had secured full funding of $4.13 billion for 9 power plants in Java at Paiton, Suralaya, Labuan, Indramayu, Rembang, Pelabuhan Ratu and Teluk Naga. The China Export Import Bank (China Eximbank) has been the sole provider of dollar-denominated loans for the nine projects throughout Java Island, with the Indonesian government guaranteeing repayment. Outside Java, 20 of the 22 fast-track projects have secured full funding of Rp 10.26 trillion ($974.7 million), or 84 percent of the program’s funding requirements.

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