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Corruption by UK companies 1: Bribes for arms sales

The biggest UK manufacturing company is the arms manufacturer BAe. The company being investigated for paying bribes to politicians and officials in countries around the world

- Austria: BAe may be prosecuted in Austria for paying bribes to win an order for BAE's Eurofighters in 2002 for €1.7bn (£1.5bn).

PUB subsidiary secures beachhead project in Saudi Arabia for local companies

PUB’s subsidiary, Singapore Utilities International (SUI), has been awarded a consultancy contract by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE). Under the contract, SUI will provide assistance and consultancy for the supervision of the unaccounted-for water study and the audit study of the water and wastewater services in Greater Dammam and Madinah cities, conduct 20 training workshops for MOWE staff in Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah and Dammam and provide overall assistance in customer service management. This is part of MOWE’s strategic initiative to improve the kingdom’s water and wastewater services to be inline with international best practices in managing its water demand, including water conservation and customer services area. Some US$16 billion are expected to be invested over the next 10 years to improve the water supply system only. SUI, the business arm of PUB, is wholly owned by the national water agency. Securing this contract is part of PUB’s ongoing efforts to market Singapore’s expertise in water and wastewater management services overseas. “This is our first water consultancy project in Saudi Arabia, although we have been active in countries such as China and Brunei. PUB has built up a wealth of expertise in water and wastewater management services in the last 40 years, putting in place an efficient and robust water supply and sanitation system in Singapore. We will be drawing on the expertise within PUB for this consultancy project and we look forward to working closely with MOWE to meet their objectives,” said Khoo Teng Chye, PUB’s Chief Executive.

PUB subsidiary MOU with Saudi Arabia's research institute

PUB’s subsidiary, Singapore Utilities International Pte Ltd (SUI), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC). Both SUI and SWCC will collaborate in research to improve the efficiency of water production plants and develop innovative technologies in order to keep water production at reasonable cost. Both agencies will jointly participate in applied research and development projects pertaining to potable water supply plus other water desalination-related infrastructure and activities. The research will be carried out by the Saline Water Desalination Research Institute (SWDRI), the research arm of SWCC, and the Centre for Advanced Water Technology (CAWT), the research arm of SUI. SWCC, the largest single producer of desalinated water in the world, is a Saudi government corporation responsible for desalinating seawater, in order to augment the supply of potable water to coastal and inland cities in the Kingdom. To develop desalination technologies,optimise plant operation and solve plants operation and maintenance problems, SWCC established SWDRI in 1987. “The MOU represents a closer relationship between Saudi Arabia and Singapore in facing the challenges to curb the issue of water scarcity. I look forward to harvesting the fruit of this collaboration,” said Mr Hirubalan VP, Singapore’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

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