La STEG au Rwanda

July 8, 2008 Tuesday


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According to online press (July 7, 2008), "STEG International Services", a subsidiary of the Tunisian national electricity and gas company STEG, is planning to build an electricity generation project in Rwanda. The project, which is financed by the World Bank, will supply electrical power to 4,000 houses in Rwanda.

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Convention de coopération signée entre la STEG (Tunisie) et ELECTROGAZ (Rwanda)

Tunisie: "STEG international" réalisera un projet d'électrification au profit de 4000 ménages au Rwanda

3 Juillet 2008

Tunis — "STEG international services", filiale de la société tunisienne d'électricité et de gaz, réalisera un projet pilote financé par la banque mondiale (BM) pour l'électrification d'une région rurale de 4000 ménages au Rwanda, moyennant des investissements de l'ordre de 10 millions de dinars, a annoncé, M.Othmen Ben Arfa, président directeur général de la STEG, au cours d'une conférence de presse tenue jeudi à Tunis.

Mouvement de privatisation au Rwanda : l'ELECTROGAZ reste dans les mains du gouvernement

Rwanda News Agency/Agence Rwandaise d'Information(Kigali)

Rwanda: La privatisation a rapporté 71 millions de dollars

26 Juin 2008

Kigali — Dans le but de libéraliser l'environnement économique et de promouvoir les initiatives privées, le gouvernement a entrepris de se désengager des activités industrielles et de commerce, et d'attirer la participation des privés dans les entreprises publiques. Le processus de privatisation en cours depuis dix ans est fort avancé et doit connaître son épilogue d'ici deux ans selon les prévisions du Secrétariat de Privatisation.

Le projet de fusion de RWACO et RECO dans le EWDB repoussé

The New Times (Kigali) - AAGM

July 17, 2009 Friday


BYLINE: Edwin Musoni

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A bill proposing the incorporation of Rwanda Electricity Corporation (RECO) and the Rwanda Water and Sanitation Corporation (RWASCO) into Energy and Water Development Board flopped yesterday in parliament amid a heated debate.

La crise dans le secteur de l'eau persiste au Rwanda

Africa News

July 9, 2009 Thursday

Water Crisis Persists

BYLINE: The New Times

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Public water and electricity utility, Electrogaz has started water rationing to ease on the shortages that have rocked Kigali city for at least the past one month.
The persistent shortage of water in most parts of Kigali has drawn anger from its residents who have to put up with crisis, in spite of reassurances from the water and power supplier that the problem is being rectified.

L'accès à l'eau et l'assainissement se sont améliorés en 2008

Africa News

June 8, 2009 Monday

Water Access, Sanitation Improved in 2008 - Report

BYLINE: The New Times

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Last year, over six million Rwandans - more than 73 percent of the country's population were estimated to have access to safe drinking water, compared to 71 percent in the previous year.
This is revealed in a joint Ministry of Infrastructure (Mininfra)-African Development Bank (AfDB) report, titled: "Summary Report on Water and Sanitation Joint Sector Review (Fiscal Year 2008)."

L'eau et l'électricité seront à nouveau gérées par une seule entité : REWDB.

The New Times (Kigali) - AAGM

March 6, 2009 Friday


BYLINE: Saul Butera

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Electrogaz, a public utility for production, transmission and distribution of water and electricity in Rwanda is set for a merger under the Rwanda Energy and Water Development Board (REWDB), Director General, John Milenge said recently during an Interview with The New Times.

En Bref, démantèlement de ELECTROGAZ

Global Insight

August 14, 2008

Rwandan Utility Provider Set to Break Up

BYLINE: Gus Selassie


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ELECTROGAZ démantelée en RWASCO (eau) et RECO (électricité)

Rwanda News Agency (Kigali) - AAGM

August 13, 2008 Wednesday


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Amid a biting electricity and water crisis, government has decided to dismantle the mega utility provider Electrogaz into two separate entities, RNA reports.
A new bill passed on Tuesday by both Chambers of Parliament establishes the Rwanda Electricity Corporation (RECO) for power and the Rwanda Water and Sanitation Corporation (RWASCO) directly charged with water provision.

Coopération entre l'Uganda et le Rwanda dans le secteur de l'eau

East African Business Week (Kampala) - AAGM

April 28, 2008 Monday


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Uganda's National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has just won a consultancy agreement with Rwanda's water and power utility company ELECTROGAZ.
Under the deal, NWSC will help ELECTROGAZ in water resource management, customer care and marketing.
Were this a private sector venture, it would have passed as another story. But the two companies are government owned and run entities.

Le Rwanda rejoint le Global Water Partnership

Africa News

April 6, 2008 Sunday

Country Becomes the Seventh Country to Be Join the Global Water Partnership

BYLINE: Focus Media

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Global water partnership GWP is a group of countries around the world striving to ensure proper use of water and management of its resources. All countries in GWP Eastern Africa face similar severe water constraints whereby they are plagued by deforestation and poor agricultural practices leading to reduced retention periods, surface runoffs and soil cover losses.

ELECTROGAZ table sur 35 milliards Rwf pour 2007

Africa News

October 15, 2007 Monday

Water, Electricity Company Targets U.S. $63 Million

BYLINE: East African Business Week

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The public utility company responsible for production and distribution of water and electricity in Rwanda, Electrogaz is targeting Rwf35billion ($63US.6million) in revenue this year.
This was unveiled during a press conference held at prime holdings in Kimihurura, Kigali on October 2.

La mauvaise gestion de l'eau due au "manque de technologie" au Rwanda

Africa News

September 18, 2007 Tuesday

Water Management 'Lacks Technology'

BYLINE: New Times

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The Secretary General in the Ministry of Lands, Environment, Forestry and Mines EmmanuelNsanzumuganwa has attributed the increasing inefficiencies in water management system to lack of intensive technologies.
Opening a five-day regional seminar on gender and water management at Alpha Palace Hotel yesterday, Nsanzumuganwa, said that low capacity had led to soil erosion and misuse of water as a source of life.

Pénurie et mauvaise qualité de l'eau au Rwanda

Africa News

March 20, 2007 Tuesday

Water Shortage, a Threat to Our Lives

BYLINE: The New Times

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The problem of water shortage is still alarming in the country and especially in Kigali City, and inhabitants have continued to worry about the hygiene especially in restaurants, clinics and homes.
For instance, Kabeza, Kimironko and in some other parts of the city, it's coming to two months with a continuous shortage of water.

Projet Rwanda-Congo

Agence France Presse -- English

June 12, 2009 Friday 4:01 PM GMT

Congo, Rwanda join forces in electricity project

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African neighbours the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda have joined forces to turn dissolved methane gas in the giant Kivu border lake into electricity, Congolese officials said Friday.

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