Romanian private power firms insist on secrecy of power purchase contracts

At a meeting with Romanian Minister of Economy and Commerce, Varujan Vosganian, private power suppliers refused the Minister's proposal to declassify their contracts. During the discussions, most of the suppliers declared that they could not agree with the publication of these contracts, regarding it as an unusual practice within a functional market economy, the Ministry of Economy said in a press release. The companies represented at the meeting were Alro Slatina, Energy Holding, EGL Romania, Elcomex Bucharest, Pet Prod, EON, Enol, Grivco, Buzzman, Euro Pec, Lexten, EGL, CEZ and Enel.

Corruption by UK companies 1: Bribes for arms sales

The biggest UK manufacturing company is the arms manufacturer BAe. The company being investigated for paying bribes to politicians and officials in countries around the world

- Austria: BAe may be prosecuted in Austria for paying bribes to win an order for BAE's Eurofighters in 2002 for €1.7bn (£1.5bn).

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