Papua New Guinea

ADB projects in Pacific

Ongoing / proposed projects in energy/power, water, education, health, financial, other sectors in Pacific in Cook Islands, Micronesia, Giji, Palau, PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu (as of July 2009)
Cook Islands:

ADB’s Power / Energy Projects in Asia-Pacific (as of May 2008)

Asian Development Bank (ADB) extends loans and provides technical assistance to its developing member countries for a broad range of development projects and programs. ADB identified core sectors for its assistance as road transport, energy, urban infrastructure, rural infrastructure, education, and financial services. In recent years, ADB has increasingly placed more emphasis on its private sector operations. In 2007, ADB approved $10.1 billion of loans, $673 million of grant projects, and technical assistance ($243 million). Private sector operations totaled $1.7 billion, significantly above recent levels. Most assistance went to the operational sector, with 39% of total loans (or $3.9 billion) going to transport and communications, more than double the amount in 2006.

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