Briscoe: War or peace on the Indus?

Briscoe:  War or peace on the Indus?
By John Briscoe, April 03, 2010

WAPDA union reached settlement benefits for the workers

Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electricity Central Labour Union (PWHECLU) has reached a settlement agreement through their collective bargaining to up-grade the pay scale for Electricity Meter Readers from BPS-5 to BPS -7 and include a generation allowance for the generation staff employed in Hydel and Thermal Power Station. Khurshid Ahmed, PWHECLU General Secretary said that the union is confident that an agreement will be reached through concerted struggle. He also said that earlier mutual negotiation and consultation has been made between the union and the management for the contract workers.

ADB Extends $780 Million to Pakistan for Energy Efficiency

(17 Sep 2009)  The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is extending $780 million to Pakistan through a multitranche financing facility for priority energy efficiency projects that will secure the country's growing energy needs and reduce its reliance on costly, polluting fossil fuels.

ADB review: Pakistan's Energy Sector Restructuring Program

A Validation Report in May 2009 of a Project Completion Report (PCR)of Pakistan's Energy Sector Restructuring Program (ESRP). US$350M loan approved in 2000), by ADB's Independent Evaluation Department.  The validation report called for, among others, a Labor Impoact Assessment that had not been undertaken as part of ESRP.

1st National Drinking Water Policy Pakistan

In September 2009, Pakistan approved its 1st National Water Drinking Policy which aims to provide adequate quantity of safe drinking water to the entire population in an equitable, efficient and sustainable manner. Only 21.4% of population have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.  Highlights of the new policy:
- Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right of every citizen and it is responsibility of the state to ensure its provision to all its citizens

Pakistan needs to collect more taxes

Pakistan IMF loan at risk, says economist. By Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad Published: September 3 2009,dwp_uuid=...

Pakistan is in danger of disrupting a critical $11.3bn International Monetary Fund loan if it fails to reform its tax collection system, a senior western economist has warned.

The IMF loan, secured first for $7.6bn late last year and subsequently raised to $11.3bn, helped to ward off a likely default on foreign debt payments.

Intl Power Dividends from KAPCO & Hubco (Pakistan)

International Power Receives £27 million Net Dividend from Kot Addu Power Company (KAPCO) in Pakistan (London – 6 June 2002) International Power today announces that it has received the first dividend payment from KAPCO since 1998. This follows the resolution of all longstanding differences between International Power, Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and KAPCO. The interim dividend translated to a net payment of £27 million to International Power with respect to its 36% equity interest in KAPCO.

Intl Power Acquires stakes in Power Stations in Turkey & Pakistan

International Power signs Agreement to Acquire stakes in two Power Stations in Turkey and Pakistan

International Power 2007 Highlights - Asia, Australia, Middle East

Financial highlights from Intl Power's operations in Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Middle East (2007)

MNC interests in Pakistan Power (2005 news)

MNC interests in Pakistan Power from Energy Briefing - Asia Pulse(News Sep 04- Aug 05)

Privatization of Pakistan energy SOEs – 2005 news

Privatization of Pakistan energy SOEs – 2005 news from “Energy Briefing – Asia Pulse”

Asian gas pipelines– 2005 news

Asian gas pipelines (Iran-Pakistan-India; Turkmenistan-Afghan-Pakistan/TAP) – 2005 news from “Energy Briefing - Asia Pulse”

Pakistan power sector news 2005

Pakistan power sector news 2005 from “Energy Briefing - Asia Pulse”

Pakistan power: KESC Privatization - 2005

2005 news from Energy Briefing - Asia Pulse; various sources.

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