Indonesian PDAMs in WaterLinks WOPS / Twinnings

Six (6) Indonesian water/wastewater utilities have participated as ‘recipient’ twins in 7 wateroperators partnerships (WOPs) financed by WaterLinks. Established in 2008, WaterLinks is aregional network that helps build the capacity of Asia?Pacific water utilities to improve servicecoverage, delivery, financial sustainability, and other aspects of their performance. WaterLinks issupported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), United States Agency for International


Presented by Bro Wowot Suwoto (PJB union) at "Forum on Power Privatization in Asia-Pacific" organized by NAGKAISA, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines and SASK, Manil, Philippines, May 3, 2012 

PSI unions' issues re Java-Bali 500 KV Power Transmission Crossing (ADB Project in Indonesia)

Submitted to Asian Development Bank on 26 July 2012
- includes procedural, technical, operational, safety, cultural, alterbatives, impacts on workers

PSI Subregional Trade Union Forum on ADB Energy Policy & Projects (Nov 2010, Delhi)

  The PSI Subregional Trade Union Forum on ADB Energy Policy and Projects (Nov 20-21, 2010) aims to provide a forum for PSI electricity unions to exchange information about their campaigns related to ADB/IFI-supported power sector reforms and initiate a subregional campaign platform.  A total of 21 participants (4F, 17M) attended the workshop.

PSI Campaign at ADB’s 42nd Annual Governors’ Meeting

The 42nd ADB Board of Governors Annual Meeting (AGM) was held in Bali from 2-5 May 2009.

Critical review of jakarta water concession, 2007

A comprehensive critique of the jakarta water concessions, published in 2007

Decentralisation in Asian health sectors: friend or foe?

Lessons drawn from Asian countries' healthcare decentralization - This policy brief examines whether or not healthcare decentralisation in Asia has been successful. The report draws on examples from China, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. The brief highlights several lessons learned from the decentralisation programmes of these countries, including:

Political Economy of Power Sector Restructuring in Southeast Asia

During the last two decades, fundamental changes have taken place in power sector around world, and many countries have adopted market-oriented reforms to introduce more competition into the sector. However, while the case for restructuring from economic and technical perspectives might be unambiguously strong, the performance of such reform efforts in developing countries has been mixed so far.

ADB projects in Indonesia

Ongoing/proposed ADB projects in energy/power, water, health, education, financial & other sectors (as of July 2009).

  • Guarantee for Java Island Transmission
  • Tangguh LNG Project
  • Renewable Energy Development
  • Power Transmission Improvement Sector


ADB to fund PLN’s cross-country power projects, ASEAN grid

(Dec 12, 2009, Xinhua) - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Indonesia's state-run power company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara will cooperate in funding three electricity interconnection projects worth 9.8 trillion rupiah (about 980 million U.S. dollars), Kompas daily quoted an official as saying on Saturday. Two of the projects are cross-country interconnections that will connect Indonesia and Malaysia.

Indonesia infrastructure PPPs

(May 09) BAPPENAS documents papers on Strategy for PPP infrastructure investments in Indonesia

New PLN head rejected by Union, bares 'radical' plan

(Dec 09)  PLN Union voiced strong opposition to the appointment of media tycoon Dahlan Iskan as president of state-owned company PLN: he did not have the expertise required to manage PLN.  "He does not know PLN's business. How come all of a sudden someone with no expertise can be placed in the very top position in this company? The political aspect behind this appointment is just too strong,” Riyo Supriyanto, chairman of the PLN labor union said.

Maynilad-PDAM Tirtanadi twinning

May 2009 - "Maynilad signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PDAM Tirtanadi Provinsi Sumatera Utara of Indonesia (PDAM Tirtanadi) and Environmental Cooperation – Asia (ECO-Asia) to implement activities that will assist PDAM Tirtanadi in expanding water service to low-income communities in Medan, Indonesia PDAM Tirtanadi and the Municipality of Medan are designing a master plan that will connect some 14,000 low-income households in the said municipality.

Indonesia: PLN eyes 20-30% price hike in 2010

(Sep 2009) With government cutting its subsidy allocation in 2010, Indonesian state power utility PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) wants to see power charges increased by 30 percent on average for household and industrial consumers to cover its production costs. PLN says that an average increase of between 20 percent and 30 percent is needed to make up for the subsidy cut. PLN also cites the need to improve its finances in preparation for the second phase of the government’s “fast-track” energy program.

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