ADB campaign

PSI/ GUFs campaign at ADB Annual Govenors' Meeting

2-5 May 2012, Manila, Philippines:  Delegates from global union federations (GUFs) –  from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Nepal, Japan, Philippines and Cambodia – comprised 35% of the total 319 CSOs from 28 countries, with 13% from the NGO Forum on ADB, and a significant number from youth groups.

BWTUC experiences on ADB projects

BWI work organizing construction workers in an ADB-assisted railway rehabilitation project in Cambodia.  Conclusions:
•During negotiations and organising work it became obvious that there was not enough time or effort taken by the ADB, the government or the project engineer to adequately forecast and monitor labour costs or variances of these

More fun in the Philippines without ADB

Info on union (AGWWAS) harassment due to opposition to proposed ADB water loan to Metro Cebu Water District in Philippines, with media coverage of union actions. (March 2012)

ADB’s Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project – Philippines: AGWWAS’ perspective

AGWWAS union issues on proposed ADB water supply project in Philippines, presented to ADB on 30 April 2012, at ADB Headquarters, Manila, and ADB response (9 May 2012)


Presented by Bro Wowot Suwoto (PJB union) at "Forum on Power Privatization in Asia-Pacific" organized by NAGKAISA, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines and SASK, Manil, Philippines, May 3, 2012 

PSI unions' issues re Java-Bali 500 KV Power Transmission Crossing (ADB Project in Indonesia)

Submitted to Asian Development Bank on 26 July 2012
- includes procedural, technical, operational, safety, cultural, alterbatives, impacts on workers

Bangladesh-India Electrical Grid Interconnection Project

A brief by on the ADB-assisted project in Bangladesh which will establish which will establish a cross-border electrical link between the western grid of Bangladesh and eastern grid of India to promote electricity trading between the two countries. 


A PSI report commissioned by ILP in 2011.  Identfied key issues on lack of transparency, participation and compliances with existing policies on labor safeguards and social protection.


In September 2005, an 11-member high-level PSI-APRO delegation met for the first time with officials of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at its Headquarters in Manila (Philippines) to discuss the harmful impacts on workers of the Bank’s projects/policies on privatization, particularly in the power, water and health sectors.  PSI emphasized the need to create a labor desk at ADB to ensure that workers are fully consulted and core labor standards (CLS) are respected in ADB-assisted projects.  PSI also urged ADB to put more support towards public

Monitoring MWSS privatization: Water Rates

The management of Manila’s water and sewerage distribution system (MWSS) was privatized in August 1997 in what has largely been touted as a ‘successful’ water privatization, and the largest to date in the Asia-Pacific region.  The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank’s private sector arm, was adviser to the privatization, which resulted in two 25-year concessions (east and west) competitively bid.

PSI Campaign at ADB’s 42nd Annual Governors’ Meeting

The 42nd ADB Board of Governors Annual Meeting (AGM) was held in Bali from 2-5 May 2009.

PSI Campaign at ADB’s 43rd Annual Governors Meeting

Contents: Background;  PSI/GUFs agenda in Tashkent;  PSI/GUFs activities in Tashkent;  May 1  Meeting with ADB President Kuroda;  PSI speaks at May 2 Forum on Women Empowerment;  May 3 PSI/GUFs Forum on “Workers and Unions in ADB Operations”;  PSI gives ADB ‘Very Poor’ score in Madya Pradesh power project;   May 1-4  Meetings with country delegations; Recommended next steps from PSI/GUFs wrap-up session.

NEPAL: West Seti Hydroelectric Project (WSHP)

West Seti Hydroelectric Project (WSHP) involves the construction and operation of 750-MW hydroelectric power plant on Seti river in far western region of Nepal on BOOT basis for 30 years. Project sponsor is Australian-based Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC); West Seti Hydro Limited (WSHL) is 100% subsidiary of SMEC. Construction will be by China Machinery & Equipment Import and Export Corporation under lump sum price turnkey contract signed in April 2005; construction period is for 5 years.

Characteristics of Japanese ODA

Administration of Japanese ODA  

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