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Reform of the Urban Water Supply in Southern China

The Reform of the Urban Water Supply in Southern China  2010 June 15
This report aims to identify the problems of China’s current water supply sector reforms from a grassroots perspective and to present an overview of the issues casued by water privatization in Southern China.

Malaysian govt gets stay on water concession disclosure

The Edge Friday, 02 July 2010 14:39 Malaysia
Govt gets stay on water concession disclosure

Macquarie sponsors OECD reports on infrastructure

OECD published two major reports in 2006 and 2007. One "Infrastructure to 2030:Telecom, Land Transport, Water and Electricity" was a wideranging overview about the prospects for private investments in infrastructure sectors to 2030; the other ""Infrastructure to 2030: Mapping Policy for Electricity, Water and Transport" was a specific review of policy-making in relation to this. they can both be downloaded from:

Niger renationalises Sonitel and Sahelcom

February 2009

Rurelec - Bolivia nationalises power station

Rurelec is a plc listed on the London Stock Exchange, a private power  and its business is all focussed on Bolivia and Argentina, but hoping to expand into Chile and Peru. Rurelec is a good example of a parasite on public finance and aid, using political leverage of the UK, the IFIs, and former right-wing local politicians.

Sharp price rises for water in privatised Oran, Algeria

De nouvelles factures plus détaillées: le prix de l'eau a-t-il augmenté ?

Critical review of jakarta water concession, 2007

A comprehensive critique of the jakarta water concessions, published in 2007

Murder of activists protesting against Union Fenosa in Guatemala

European parliament parliamentary questions 22 February 2010
WRITTEN QUESTION by Willy Meyer (GUE/NGL) to the Commission
Subject: Murder of human rights defenders opposed to Unión Fenosa's activities in Guatemala
In the Department of San Marcos in Guatemala, attacks were carried out on various individuals who were linked to protest organisations opposed to the practices of Deocsa, a subsidiary of Unión Fenosa, the Spanish electricity distribution company.

Privatisation and liberalisation cut electricity research and development

A new paper on research and development in electricity shows that spending on research and development has been dramatically cut by private companies, whereas state-owned electricity companies maintain it. It concludes that:

Deals in support services likely to surge

Deals in support services likely to surge
By Alistair Gray
Published: February 16 2010 01:13 | Last updated: February 16 2010 01:13

Private sector hurts Interserve

Private sector hurts Interserve
By Alistair Gray
Published: January 12 2010 23:02 | Last updated: January 12 2010 23:02

Financing infrastructures

NOUVELLES EUROPE N°264 28/1/2010 Comité Européen de Liaison sur les Services d'Intérêt GénéralEuropean Liaison Committee on Services of General Interest www.celsig.org

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